Mission Statement

We build websites that help you bring in more clients.
Anar Kazimov


Why choose us?

We offer solutions that fit your goals

If you are trying to attract clients to a small shoe repair shop, I am sorry but you don't need a $1000+ website with a unique design and a complicated booking form. All you need is a basic template that will get a client to see that you are a professional and make them call you.

We speak your language

We get it, most likely you have never purchased a website before so we will make sure we explain everything clearly and make you comfortable.

We care about your success

Your success means our success that's why we genuinely want to ensure that our solutions help your business. We want to establish a long-term relationship that helps us both grow.


We will send you different templates, you will choose the one you like and we will customize it as much as you want. Obviously the more there is you want to change the higher the price will be. However, using templates helps you to get a great looking website for a low cost and most importantly to get it up fast. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Unless you are an art studio/ film company / etc. template customization totally works for you. In fact we discourage small businesses from requesting a unique website design since it will significantly bump up the cost with no real return.

Are you interested in getting your website higher ranked on Google? Let’s say for “Victoria bakery”? Then you need to optimize it for search engines. This is exactly what SEO companies do. Please stay away from suspiciously cheap SEO companies because they tend to use strategies that can get your website penalized on google.

Since many of you ask what SEO company you should go with, we decided to help you out. We partnered with JTree SEO to bring you a good quality SEO at an affordable price. Use our Promo Code – PARADISE10 to get a 10% monthly discount from them. Enjoy 🙂 !


When I started my Instagram page I never thought that I would be able to get a webpage. Website Paradise contacted me and was able to quote me a very competitive price for a page. In about a week the company had made me an amazing webpage, with links to my instagram page. The owner was in constant contact with me during its creation and told me that he would continue updating my website in the future. If you have a small business and need a website this company is the place to contact!
Javi Dichupa
Owner of